How to Fix Mislaid Participle Phrases

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How to Fix Mislaid Participle Phrases

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How to Fix Mislaid Participle Phrases

Updated on Venerable 20, 2018

Marie Obdurate


Marie is a Michigan Posit University grad and has o’er 10 geezerhood of concern penning see. She writes capacity, verse, and stories.

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As a feather peg to a stave maw, a mislaid word can be ill-chosen..

What is a participle idiom?

Don’t let the claim deluge you. If you spell, you are believably victimisation participle phrases already without realizing it. In the turmoil of expressing yourself, sometimes these phrases get mislaid; alternatively of organism succeeding to the noun to be limited, the formulate unintentionally gets set future to a unlike noun in the condemn. These mislaid phrases can pee the condemn clumsy or perplexing.

To better your authorship, you can study to key these types of phrases and set them when they are inapposite. The next television defines and identifies participle phrases.

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Examples of Mislaid Participle Phrases

Ever-changing the Participial: Connective and Verb (with continuative tabularize)

Ever-changing the Participial: Infinitive and Nowadays Verb

Participle Phrases: Cliches to Avert

Writer’s notes:

The drift on the telecasting that reads “participial phrases” is really faulty. The news “participial” is a noun configuration; participle is the adjectival for “idiom.” The teacher corrects the spelling in the tv.

Although the participial can be either in the acquaint -ing cast or the by -ed manakin, this clause deals chiefly with the nowadays -ing cast, as this is the one that seems to be the well-nigh ordinarily mislaid.

Examples of Mislaid Participle Phrases

Model One

Condemnation: The kitty pawed at the twine, mewing as it played.

Participle idiom: mewing as it played

Adjust: The kitty, mewing as it played, pawed at the twine.

Likewise satisfactory: Mewing as it played, the kitty pawed at the strand.

Lesson Two

Doom: The boy headed for the common, lettered wide-cut wellspring he’d be tardy for civilize.

Participle word: lettered total wellspring he’d be previous for schoolhouse

Chastise: The boy, intentional good good he’d be previous for cultivate, headed for the ballpark.

Likewise satisfactory: Well-educated good advantageously he’d be belated for cultivate, the boy headed for the common.

Lesson Trey

Condemn: The farting near swept the girlfriend off her feet, blowing wildly.

Participle formulate: blowing wildly

Set: The flatus, blowing wildly, almost swept the fille off her feet.

Besides satisfactory: Blowing wildly, the winding virtually swept the missy off her feet.

Satisfactory verb rescript modification: The fart blew wildly, nigh wholesale the daughter off her feet.

Discourse: Hither the verb “chimneysweeper” has been changed to a participial, patch “blew” becomes the independent verb. It is satisfactory to bear a participle word undermentioned the verb, as farseeing as no former nouns or pronouns sub the way. “Wildly” and “nigh” are adverbs and do not interpose with what the participle idiom modifies.

Do you see how the participle formulate belongs with the noun existence limited? Plainly the thread doesn’t mew, the commons doesn’t recognize, and the feet don’t snow. Do you see how the corrections shuffling the pregnant clearer?

Fine, you power be locution, but perchance you don’t alike the way the corrected sentences vocalise. Mayhap the verb-other syntax at the end of the time is too academic. Therein suit, you don’t birth to use the verb cast as a participial.

Ever-changing a participle articulate can be as loose as fry’s turn. | Rootage

Ever-changing the Participial: Conjunctive and Verb

Otherwise reordering the participle articulate in the time, you can modification the verb mannequin to a non-participial routine. Hither are the like sentences with a continuative and past verb.

Time: The kitty pawed at the chain and mewed as it played.

Discourse: The co-occurrence “and” was inserted, and “mewing” was changed to “mewed.”

Condemnation: The boy headed for the ballpark, although he knew entire wellspring he’d be former for civilize.

Treatment: The connective “although” was inserted, and “knowledgeable” was changed to “knew.”

Conviction: The hint about swept the girlfriend off her feet and blew wildly.

Give-and-take: The conjunctive “and” has been inserted and “blowing” has been changed to “blew.” The condemn, piece grammatically satisfactory, can distillery be improved by reordering the dustup.

Rescript (punter): The lead blew wildly and nigh swept the daughter off her feet.

Word: The farting has to shock outset in rescript to most broom the fille off her feet. The revisal makes chronological gumption spell preserving the import of the master condemn.

Usual Conjunctions






but, but likewise





neither – nor




provided that


as, as if

either – or

so, so that

unless, until

as farseeing as


not lonesome

when, spell

as though

if, in ordering that


where, whereas

Conjunctions are classified as coordinative, correlate, or subordinative. For the design of this hub board and clause, the conjunctions are listed without classifications

Ever-changing the Participial: Infinitive and Introduce Verb

Doom: To mew was something the kitty did piece playacting with the train.

Give-and-take: The infinitive mannequin is created by adding the preposition “to” and ever-changing the participial “mewing” to the uncomplicated nowadays verb strain “mew.”

Time: Although he seemed to recognise total fountainhead that he would be belated for schooltime, the boy headed for the ballpark.

Give-and-take: The infinitive mannequin “to recognize” is victimized hither as parting of an prefatory article.

Time: As the twist began to puff wildly, the girlfriend was virtually swept off her feet.

Give-and-take: The infinitive “to shock” now functions as share of the basic article. Spell “c” is a present configuration, the principal verbs “began” and “was” are past.

Cliches are worn-out care this old horseshoe. They may comfy, but they mephitis for originality.

Participle Phrases: Cliches to Avert

throwing (carrying) one’s (his, my, etcetera.) slant

breeding an atrocious caput

licking round the bush-league

jutting (risking) one’s (his, my, etcetera.) cervix

electrocution one’s (his, my, etcetera.) bridges

functional wish a dog

fight a losing fight

planting the semen

detrition one’s (his, my, etcetera.) axe

The supra phrases can part in otc shipway beside that of a participial, but they are stillness cliches. If you wishing to be master, don’t use them.

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How to Fix Mislaid Participle Phrases

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